Will new iPhone Models Include Lightning Connector?

Lightning Connector

When Apple wants to change something, they just do it. They don’t care if people will complain or get sentimental. If their next step is correct in their eyes, they will make it no matter what. That is how the company removed headphone jack, Dock Connector and perhaps will do it again with the Lightning connector.

The US Patent & Trademark Office published a few of patent applications focusing on the Lightning connector. Apparently, they are aspiring to change its shape and introduce something new. As we already know, the Lightning connector is a standard port we used to charge our iPod touch, iPad and, of course, iPhone since 2012. Billions of devices depend on this tool and hold it close to their gadgets as an essential component.

Lightning Port

The idea behind these patents is the increased water resistance that Apple wanted for a while now. Although the Lightning connector was out for all these years, its resistance to water hasn’t improved significantly and Apple knows that. These patents prove that although Apple worked on making their newest iPhones waterproof, they didn’t protect them completely. Considering the subject of these patents, we can conclude the devices can actually get wet while charging.

As a solution to this problem, the new connector would use a different system. Namely, the wedge-shape would create a vacuum seal and could strengthen this idea even more with additional pistons and generator placed inside the device.

Unplugging your iPhone with a connector of this kind would be a little more complicated. You would need to break the vacuum seal. Apple proposes that doing that would be supported by phone’s software interface.

Thinking technically, this could actually be a good idea. Your phone. that is already waterproof, would be safe while charging as well, which is highly beneficial.

However, certain issues and conclusions arise while thinking of this idea:

No trace of USB-C

By changing ports, Apple automatically changes everything related to those ports. If they were to change something regarding this area, they should actually bring in the USB-C instead of a new proprietary tool that we can use on one device only. USB-C is a standard element central to the MacBook, Mac and many technology products across the world.

Trapping on the cable and causing damage

Having a charging cable sealed to your iPhone so tightly surely is beneficial when it comes to protection from spills but it could potentially cause other issues. One of those is tripping over it. If you need a different software to remove this connector from your mobile, you surely won’t do it until charging it fully. That automatically takes a lot more time and you won’t wait all that time without touching your phone. While doing so, you or someone else could easily trip over the cable and break the hazard since it’s so tightly sealed. It would cause a lot of damage, probably more than spilling water on it.

Wireless future?

Headphone jack disappeared because “the future is wireless”. If Apple made such a big move in order to be futuristic, why would they go a step back? Surely the fully-waterproof device is a part of that future but why does it have to include a wire? We are all ready for wireless charging. All in all, no ports at all and wireless charging indeed symbolize the future! But as we know, this will not come anytime soon since Apple didn’t launch their own AirPower yet. Therefore, the alternative might really take place.

Lightning port is still safe

When it comes to Apple, there are always so many rumors and predictions. We cannot tell for sure whether they will accept these patents or not. One thing they reveal is that company is considering different ideas regarding this connector. It could either be for better or worse, we don’t know. What we do know so far is that the iPhones in 2018 will probably all have the Lightning port still. The models are all finalized and such major changes probably won’t happen.

Nevertheless, 2018 will be an exciting year for Apple.

Here are some of the speculation about new models:

Cheaper iPhone

Since they received countless complaints about the high price of the iPhone X, Apple decided to do something different. This time, one of their devices will be affordable in comparison with the standard price of new iPhones. Namely, the release price will be $699. Many will say it is still expensive but Apple isn’t famous for their affordable prices. This model will feature an LCD display, which is the key component of its price. It will also be large (6.1-inch) and will have the stainless steel instead of aluminum edges.

Largest Display

The 6.1-inch model wasn’t enough for Apple so they will launch another iPhone with a display of 6.5 inches, which is the largest iPhone ever! According to the rumors, its name will be iPhone X Plus and will be the successor of the iPhone X. It will also have all its features, (stainless steel edges, OLED display, Face ID, dual rear camera, etc.) and a bigger battery.

The screen resolution of the phone will also increase to 2688 x 1242 pixels so the user experience will improve even more. Another unexpected upgrade will be the introduction of dual-SIM. This feature will have a wide range of benefits coming with it and Apple worked hard on finally providing this to its users.

Apple is not rushing this time

The release of the iPhone X was followed by many rumors of them rushing it and making changes in the last minute. They also launched it six weeks after iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. It was in limited quantities as the Christmas shopping was due and they didn’t want to miss it.

This time, rumors have it that the 2018 line-up is already running its production test runs. This information is very pleasant for iPhone lovers.

For now, apart from so many questions we have regarding the new models, we are left wondering if the Lightning connector has a future as well. While we are safe for now, we can only wait and see what the future holds, hoping for the best!

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