Will Apple Keep the iPhone X Notch In the Future?

iPhone X Notch

In order to place the front-facing camera and its components at the top of the display, Apple Inc. had to make an important decision regarding the iPhone 10 design. They opted for an unusual appearance of this device by leaving the cutout, known as “notch”, but only in the middle of the top screen. The sides, known as “ears” are usable and the Home screen, as well as the whole interior functionality, adapt to it. Since the famous iPhone X notch surprised us all, everyone is wondering if this feature gives us a hint of the iPhone’s future.

Opinions and Experiences

In terms of appearance, nobody can say that the notch doesn’t look good, it looks fabulous! Different than anything we have seen before, looking like the future itself! The screen looks larger, the phone seems luxurious and overall, it is a very modern-looking smartphone.

Now, when it comes to user experience and whether it is likable or not, the opinions are kind of divided. Some people love it and praise it all the time while others strongly dislike it. Some even consider it a deal-breaker and decide not to buy the phone at all only because of the notch. The biggest complaint is that Apple Inc. didn’t really think of the full-screen videos that are not adapted to this phone inclusively. If you watch, let’s say, a YouTube video and expand it, the notch will cover one side of the video. That can be very frustrating.

iPhone X Video

Another complaint refers to the notifications and standard components on the top of the screen that, accordingly, now don’t have enough space. That is why, for example, you cannot see the battery life percentage all the time. You can see the icon but not the percentage until you swipe down the extra menu.

Some people (including me) would say that it might be good to push the notifications up in the spaces that didn’t exist before. It gives you more free space on your screen, making it larger. However, not everyone shares the same opinion.

Future of the iPhone X notch

iPhones in 2018 will most likely have the same or similar design to the iPhone X. That said, they will have a notch. It is still unsure whether its size will be the same or smaller but the fact is that the notch will stay.

When it comes to the future after 2018, some reports and predictions indicate that Apple will get rid of this component. They suggest that new models will have rectangular displays, which will fill the front of the device completely.

Technically, switching to a full-glass display will not be easy. Especially because Apple wants to keep the TrueDepth camera system and their 3D sensing components. They are necessary for the Face ID technology, which is one of iPhone’s top priorities currently.

There could be several solutions if Apple Inc. really wanted to make this idea happen. Some of those are drilling holes into the OLED displays or using the Black matrix part of the display.

iPhone X Notch

Influence on Business

Apple is not really satisfied with the growth of their business in the recent years. Their sales are generally not as high as they were before. There could be a few reasons for that but the main one I am thinking of is that their flagship smartphones had the same basic form factor for four generations in a row. It all started with the iPhone 6 series. Users like to experience something new. After paying a huge amount of money for the new iPhone, they surely don’t want to feel like they didn’t even change their phone at all. In a desire to keep the classic look, Apple didn’t pay too much attention to this area. When they did with the iPhone 10 in late 2017, users could have the form factor change only with the ultra-premium smartphone.

Finally, seems like the company was forced to think of this aspect as well. For that reason, their future devices will probably feature some changes in aesthetics as well. Those changes could include a smaller notch, no notch, smaller bezels, different back of the phone, etc.

In case they decide to definitely remove the notch and start a new line from 2019, it is safe to say that’s going to be the biggest change for the iPhone so far. That move would probably turn out as a good one because people will be more motivated to buy new models.

iPhone X notch is a hot topic amongst smartphone companies

The interesting thing about the iPhone X notch is that while Apple may be considering its removal, a long list of Android smartphone companies started copying it!

Some of the manufacturers that copied the iPhone X appearance with the notch are Doogee, Oukite, Blackview, OtOt, UleFone, and Ila. They are not as well-known worldwide but the list fills up with famous manufacturers such as Huawei, Xiaomi, and Asus.

Android Notch

The executive of Asus pointed out in his interview for The Verge that people might think their new phone copies the iPhone X. However, they cannot ignore users’ desires. If the users are looking for something specific, in this case, the iPhone X notch, they will give it to them.

That might be the key of the “iPhone X clones” topic. But if Android users want it, why don’t iPhone users want it too?

Maybe it’s all just about never being satisfied, indeed. Consumers want something different but once they have it, they want to switch back. The iPhone X notch is not the only factor they complain about. They also have negative comments on the Face ID and elimination of the Touch ID, the removal of Home button and many other features. What they might not be realizing is that just because the old features are gone, doesn’t mean they are not replaced by better ones. Face ID is incredibly precise and secure, Home button doesn’t exist but there are several alternatives that you can use and forget about it completely.

Be it as it may, I am very excited about receiving new information and reports on the iPhones in 2019! Whether they decide to remove the notch or not, they will surely have a great substitute for it.

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