Top 7 iPhone X Issues You Can Fix Quickly and Efficiently

iPhone X

iPhone X came with big promises and even bigger expectations. Some people love every part of it while others look for the smallest details that annoy them. The biggest complaints of this device are directed to the new ways of doing the old things and many customers cannot get used to them so they get annoyed on a daily basis. To prevent any further issues or annoyances, this article features a list of top 7 iPhone X issues that actually can be solved within seconds.

Top 7 iPhone X Issues and Their Solutions

1.   Face ID delay

Face ID

Delay in this case is not when your phone freezes for a few seconds. Instead, it’s just taking more time than necessary. You’ve probably learned so far that once you press the wake up button, raise or tap your iPhone X to unlock it, a padlock will appear on the upper side of your display. That is when the Face ID will recognize your face and unlock the device. This process takes one or two seconds.

Well, to make it even easier and faster, you should know that you don’t really need to wait until seeing the animated unlocking icon on your screen. Face ID is an extremely fast feature so you can swipe up as soon as your screen turns on. This will remove the pause caused by the padlock and unlock your phone a split-second after the Face ID recognizes your face.

2.   Face ID not working with iPhone X on the table

Face ID Table

If Face ID is the top feature of the iPhone X and we can’t use it while our phone is lying on a table, that automatically makes it one of the iPhone X issues. You can unlock your phone, though, but not with the Face ID. Instead, you need to swipe up and enter the passcode.

If you try to use the Face ID while your phone is placed on your desk, you will get a so-called “Face ID frown”, which makes the rate of face recognition success very low and turns into one of the iPhone X issues you probably don’t like.

The solution to this issue is buying a quality dock for your iPhone X. It will keep your phone up, facing you and you won’t have to pick it up to unlock.

You can check my list of top 5 iPhone X accessories, which includes a great cellphone stand.

3.   Hidden notifications

Hidden Notifications

Another feature related to the Face ID is that your notifications are hidden whilst the phone is locked. You can only read the glance of them once the phone recognizes your face.

Although this is a security measure and surely can prevent inconveniences of someone reading your messages accidentally or purposefully, not everyone likes it.

If you want to change this default setting and start seeing the notification previews even when the phone is locked, go to Settings, tap Notifications, Show Previews and select Always. Your notifications will appear regardless of your face being recognized or not.

4.   No Home button

iPhone X no home

Apple created AssistiveTouch as a “soft” button that you can place anywhere on your screen, including the old spot of the Home button. It even has different purposes depending on the way you tap it. For example, you can sum up a pop-up menu that will take you directly to other important sections, such as Control Center or you can take a screenshot or use SOS with it.

To enable this function, go to Settings, then General, Accessibility, and toggle on AssistiveTouch. You can customize the pop-up menu according to the apps you use the most by tapping Customize Top Level Menu.

5.   No headphone jack

iPhone X issues no headphone jack

This is one of the top iPhone X issues but it is not actually new. It comes from previous models (iPhone 7 and iPhone 8) and it’s been labeled as a problem for a long time now. However, if you are a new iPhone user and you miss the headphone jack on your new phone, there is an alternative solution. Namely, you can plug in your favorite headphones into the lightning port. You do need a certain adapter for this function but you can get it on Amazon too. This accessory is also included in my top 5 iPhone X accessories. Check it out!

Apart from being able to finally use your headphones again, you can charge your phone or perform a data sync at the same time.

6.   Can’t find the old functions


Long-term iPhone users have been feeling lost with iPhone X. They want to perform some simple, daily actions they did on their previous models but the functions are simply not there. Well, they are actually all there but you need new ways to use them.

Turning off your phone

Press and hold the sleep/wake button or volume button. Once you feel the vibration, a menu will appear on your screen, including “Slide to power off”. Slide to the side and turn your phone off.

Resetting your phone

Press volume-up button and then the volume-down button. Following, press and hold the wake button and wait for the Apple logo to appear. Press them all quite rapidly.

Taking a screenshot

Press and release simultaneously the volume-button and wake button.

Invoking Siri

Press the wake button and hold for two seconds approximately.

Closing apps

Swipe from the bottom of your screen, holding the finger for two seconds in one place. All the open apps will appear on the screen. Scroll either right or left until finding the app you want to close. Hold your finger on it and tap the red icon on top of the card and close the app. You can do this with every app you want to force close.

7.    Can’t reach the sides of your iPhone X with your thumb


Ever since Apple started producing plus-sized iPhone, users had difficulties with holding the phone in their hands properly and especially reaching the sides of the screen with their thumbs. Thinking of this element that might turn out as an issue to some customers, Apple added a feature called Reachability on its previous models. There, you could slide the top of the screen down the bottom and access it with your thumb only by double tapping the Home button.

Like we already know, iPhone X doesn’t have a Home button but you can still use this feature. In case you did not enable the function, go to your Settings, General, and Accessibility, select Reachability and turn it on.

Learn more about iPhone gestures here.

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