Top 5 iPhone X Accessories You Can Buy on Amazon

iPhone x accessories

The best phones always have more opportunities to expand their services and make the management and utilization of the device easier and better. iPhone X is already implemented with a list of features that other phones don’t have but what can you do to make it EVEN better? This article analyzes the top 5 iPhone X accessories that will show you!

They are all available on Amazon at affordable prices. After ensuring their quality is up to our standards, I decided to recommend them to you.

Top 5 iPhone X Accessories You Can Buy on Amazon

1. iPhone X Screen Protector, ESR

iPhone X accessories - Screen protector

If one of the main characteristics of the iPhone 10 is its full-glass screen, you surely don’t want it damaged, correct? People have always been purchasing screen protectors immediately after buying much cheaper smartphones. Why would you risk the most expensive phone on the market currently? The screen protector I decided to list in the top 5 iPhone X accessories belongs to a large collection of ESR products. It is a famous seller on Amazon that you surely heard about if you’ve been buying anything for your iPhone on this website.

According to the reviews, the product provides maximum protection to the flat screen of the iPhone X. It saves your screen from any type of damage and can stand a force of up to 22lbs! Apart from the tempered glass, you will receive a full installation kit. It includes a sticky dust remover and a cleaning cloth. Follow the simple instructions and within only a few minutes, your screen protector will be ready to use! It does not disturb any regular performance of the iPhone X, such as Face ID nor the sensitivity of your display. You can swipe and navigate the same way you did before but now without having to worry about scratching or cracking your screen.

2. Wireless Charger, SKYAKO

People showed exceptional interest in wireless charging from its very introduction. Everyone complains a lot about battery life and how fast it drains but we already grew used to it now. It used to be an even bigger problem in the initial years of smartphones when we were shocked how our new devices could not stand a day whereas our good, old Nokia 3310 would stand up to several days needing a charger. Well, now we have fast chargers at least!

This one, in particular, charges up to 10 watts of speed and has 2 built-in coils that speed this procedure up and provide a higher charging efficiency. It is slower than some existing fast chargers but this one doesn’t need you to stick around the electrical outlet. Within 3-5 hours, your phone will be fully charged! The product is lightweight, portable and has a great design that will suit your house or/and office perfectly! It works on all the Qi compatible smartphones and you can place your device on it either vertically or horizontally. Therefore, you can watch videos and movies or use your phone regularly while charging it wirelessly.

3. iPhone X Adapter & Splitter, CaseyPop

Specially designed for devices running iOS 11, including iPhone 10 but supporting iOS 10 devices as well, this adapter and splitter make multitasking much easier. In this case, multitasking includes charging your device while using the lightning port. You can use it in many different ways, such as listening to music on your iPhone while charging the device and connecting to your computer at the same time. The sound quality is exceptional and supports the audio output of 48 KHz and 24-bit. In the car, it supports 3.5mm AUX, making it versatile and providing a great, all-inclusive tool. You can also use it on all the devices running iOS 10 and above, which includes iPhone X/8/8 Plus/7/7 Plus/6/6S/6 Plus/6S/6S Plus/5/5C/5S/SE/. It is recommended to use this adapter & splitter along with original Apple headphones, adapter and cable. You cannot use 2 pairs of headphones at the same time but only one.

4. Cellphone Stand, Lamicall

Compatible with all the iPhone and Android models ranging from 4 to 8 inches, this dock is ideal for customers that do a lot of desk work. It is also very helpful for those spending a lot of time in working environment such as kitchen or workshop. They usually need an organized ambience and a special place for their phone. For that reason, the place number 4 on the top 5 iPhone X accessories is reserved for a fantastic cell phone stand coming from Lamicall.

It is a very stable stand with rubber cushions of hooks, holding the device high enough to avoid any scratching from the bottom yet low enough to prevent any accidental tumble. If you are working or studying but still want to use your iPhone, you don’t have to take it off the stand at all. Its great height and angle allow you to read and type text messages and emails, use social networks, watch videos or use FaceTime effortlessly. It is a lightweight product with smooth edges and empty space under the phone that lets you charge it while placed on the dock. The design is very simple and stylish. You can adapt it to your surrounding easily and make it not only better looking but much more useful and organized.

5. Anti-Dust Plugs, PortPlugs

Did you even know tools like these existed? – Yes, they do. The list of best iPhone X accessories closes with the rarest ones! Wishing to protect the iPhone X in all the possible ways, some clever minds invented anti-dust plugs! They work quite simply; when you are not charging your phone, insert the plug into the charging port and protect it from layered dust and dirt. It might not be a problem to keep your smartphone clean as soon as you buy it but after a while, it might become a burden.

PortPlugs sells this plug in a set of 10 pieces that you can either change or replace (they might get lost as they are quite small). You also get a brush to clean the port and make sure you maintain it clean and safe. Apart from the inclusively iPhone X set, you can also get the plugs for iPhone 7 and 8 Plus and even 6 and 6s! That includes all the pieces those models require. In the case of iPhone 6 and 6s, you also get a plug for the headphone jack. Therefore, if you own another iPhone apart from the 10, you should get different sets for each one.

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