Top 10 iPhone X Games

iPhone X games

Want to get more out of your iPhone X than taking pictures constantly and using social media? It is understandable. In fact, it would be a pity not to use this device for just everything one could do on a mobile. iPhone X games are nothing you have experienced before. Forget the old experiences you had on your other smartphones. With the visuals of this phone, you don’t need a PC or a console.

Top 10 iPhone X Games

1.   Super Mario Run

Super Mario Run

The old, good Super Mario. Now not that old! Super Mario Run version for iPhone X has so many new features and makes the game very exciting. With the new updates and additions, you can choose between different modes –World Tour, Toad Tally, Remix 10, World and Kingdom Builder. These modes have their own routes that drag you into the game and make you want to continue playing. For example, you have a mission of saving the Princess Peach from Bowser but not that easily! To get there, you need to run through many castles, caverns, ghost houses, and plains. On the way, you will gather toads and coins to build your own kingdom. Building a kingdom is another interesting part! You have many decorations and buildings to choose from to impress your princess!

2.   The Witness

The Witness

If you are the puzzle game type of a person, The Witness is ideal for you! At the very beginning, you wake up on a lonely island without any memory left. You have to start from there, collect puzzles and find answers to your questions! These puzzles are the clues of your past life and the future you are heading to. They will serve you to recover your memory step by step and return home. The game has many locations you need to go through and over 500 puzzles. They are all unique and will make you think very hard. If you enjoy mystery, this is only the beginning of iPhone X games you will like.

3.   The Talos Principle

The Talos Principle

One of the top qualities of this game are the graphics that truly meet the highest requirements of the gamers. The player finds himself in a different world and receives the instructions of his creator in a world full of ancient ruins blending with futuristic technology. As I mentioned in the game before this, it was only the beginning of the iPhone X games for puzzle lovers. This one is puzzle-oriented too! Features a story of humanity, civilization, and technology working together towards discovering a new world. You have many choices to make in this game and they all influence you and your creator. He is observing you non-stop and has forbidden you to visit a certain tower. The question, among many others, is what hides there?

4.   Marvel: Contest of Champions

Marvel Contest of Champions

Coming straight from Marvel, this is an amazing fighting game. It features a gameplay based on a swipe and many characters you unlock on the way. You begin playing the Summoner with a task to build Marvel’s team of heroes and villains. You need to put them against one another and participate in exciting combat. As a new player, you can access two characters and discover more afterward. Some of them are Spider-Man Iron Man, Hulk, Wolverine, Ultron, Magneto, Rhino, and Loki. They all have their own strengths and weaknesses and you can upgrade them afterward.

5.   Warhammer 40,000: Freeblade

Warhammer 40,000 Freeblade

If you like ancient-themed games, this one will surely capture your attention. You play a character of a young knight and join forces with Dark Angels Space Marines. Your only goal is to take revenge and you are ready to do whatever it takes. The location is the world of Tarnis and you have shooting skills you will be utilizing during the game. Using thermal blasts and cannons, you will destroy everything standing on your way until reaching your final goal – vengeance. This is another one of iPhone X games with outstanding graphics. You have a chance to customize your Freeblade and equip different, better weapons as your progress.

6.   Chameleon Run

Chameleon Run

If you liked Temple Run in the past, you will surely like Chameleon Run. It is an auto-runner game that requires your full attention and focus. Apart from running, you can jump and switch while finding your way to the next level. You need to match your color with the color of the group while jumping from one platform to another. The controls are very simple as you have only two buttons to press. The colorful graphics make it pleasant to the eye and the game plays very well on the iPhone X.

7.   Oceanhorn


Oceanhorn is an action-adventure game that gets the best out of iPhone X abilities. The mission starts from you waking up and finding that your father is missing. He left a letter for you that makes you start searching for him immediately. Your only guides are an old book and a necklace. You have a whole island to explore and learn more about the reason why your father disappeared as well as his destination. There will be many puzzles to solve, dangers to survive and monsters to beat. You will also learn to do magic tricks and find treasures that will help you on the way. The game contains ancient relics, swordfight, magic and so much more!

8.   Modern Combat Versus

Modern Combat Versus

A shooting game similar to Warhammer places you in a role of an agent. There are 12 agents to choose from based on their appearance and skills. You will control the war field and your team, depending on the agent you selected. You could be a supportive defender or convert to an assassin. There are 5 battle maps you need to conquer, gaining skills, getting promoted and earning points.

9.   Alto’s Adventure

Alto’s Adventure

Ready to become Alto?! You surely are! This snowboarding game takes you (Alto) and his friends on an unforgettable mountain adventures. You will snowboard through villages, woodlands, ruins, and wilderness while seeking for new excitement! On the way, you will meet different weather conditions such as thunderstorm, fog, blizzards and have magical moments watching the shooting stars. The game has more than 180 goals that you should achieve and become a real pro.

10.   Splitter Critters

Splitter Critters

Third puzzle game so far taking a memorable place on this iPhone X games list is Splitter Critters! Here, you have AR modes that project the screenplay on your home’s surface. It makes the game much more exciting and different from all the others. You can explore different worlds and inspect the unusual sounds they all have. To get home, you need to split these worlds and get the critters that will show you the way. Headphones are a must for this game! It is very cute and easy to play.

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