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The iPhone 10 is a device with endless opportunities waiting to be utilized. Having a phone like this and using it only to make calls and send texts is a real waste of potential. It is the same as driving a Ferrari only to your work and back at 40 km/h. Although you will see some very cool built-in features, the best way to get even more out of this phone by downloading some high-quality apps. We made a list of the top 10 apps for iPhone 10.

1.   VSCO

If you are over the Instagram filters (just like everyone else) then VSCO is a perfect app for you! By using its camera, your photos will already be better at the very beginning. You can use many filters that will not make your picture look too edited but very natural instead. There is a long list of effects and adjustments you can use to make your photos look professional.  The updates of this app are very frequent. Now it supports the screen size of the iPhone X.

2.   YouTube

When it comes to YouTube, we don’t really need to talk too much about what is it and how is it, right? We all know that. What we must say is that the app updated for the iPhone 10 so you can choose how to watch your videos. By default, your videos will play in a landscape view, letterboxed mode. That does not allow the notch to have any influence on your videos. However, if you want to expand and switch to a full-screen mode, you just need to pinch out. The video will extend over the whole screen and the notch will stay visible on the top.

youtube iphone x top 10 apps

3.   1Password

In the third place of top 10 apps for iPhone 10 is a tool you might have not used before but you totally should. 1Password you can manage your passwords on numerous devices (Dropbox, Mac, locally) by storing your encrypted vault. 1Password is a popular app for all the iPhone models but none of them can quite experience the same as you on your iPhone X. Namely, you can now put Face ID into play as well.

Once you open the app, you don’t need to do anything anymore. The Face ID will detect your face and the app will unlock your vault immediately. The same process applies when you need to enter your password into a third party app.

4.   Overcast

This app went through several UI changes and left behind the UI drawer thus returning to the page view. If you used it on your previous iPhone, you will love to use its Voice Boost, Smart Speed, and Smart Playlists again. If not, then you can experience all of these programs for the first time.

Overcast for iPhone X stretches from the top to the bottom of the screen. Its Black theme will look amazing on your OLED display.

5.   Halide

The middle of our top 10 apps for iPhone 10 belongs to another app for photography lovers – Halide! This is one of the rare apps that actually use the screen corners on the iPhone X. You can see photo details and histogram on left and right sides of the notch. Halide equals camera while keeping a simple, easy to navigate design. It captures in RAW with manual focus and ISO to Auto and saves images in JPEG mode. You only need to swipe a few times to switch from RAW to Auto mode and vice versa.

6.   PCalc Lite

One of the “rare apps that use the corners of the iPhone X screen” we mentioned above is Pcalc Lite. The version for iPhone 10 is better than any you have used before. The black theme of the app blends in with the notch and makes it look like there is no notch at all! The calculator itself is as simple as it should be and resolves as complicated mathematical issues as there could be!

7.   Carrot Weather

If your daily activities depend on the weather, you certainly need the Carrot Weather! Sure, you can get cheaper free apps that will tell you whether it will be sunny or rainy but this one is way beyond all of those! You can connect it to the Weather Underground and get the precise weather information for your location. It comes with a custom dashboard that will allow you to pick all the weather details you need and access the information faster.

8.   Coinbase

We are all witnesses to the sudden expansion of cryptocurrencies. If you are already in the business of trading or buying them, you definitely need a good app for it! As soon as you start using Coinbase, the gorgeous design and well-organized dashboard will make you want to keep it on your iPhone X! The whole trade and maintenance of your coins will become much easier. By being able to operate the cryptocurrencies and stay up-to-date with the latest jumps and falls in value, you can gain profit rapidly and insanely! Coinbase has earned this spot on the top 10 apps for iPhone 10 due to great design and order of the dashboard, charts and the entire app in general.

9.   Workflow

For a better organization and advanced documentation of your tasks and files, Workflow is a perfect app! It basically does what its name indicates – creates workflows automatically, literally! Even if you weren’t as productive as you want to be, this app will make you want to be. You can create GIFs with the pictures from your camera roll, convert websites into PDFs, delete unnecessary screenshots and so much more. The dashboard is full of useful tools that will make your work and other activities much easier.  It saves a lot of your time because you don’t have to download apps for each one of the actions you need to complete. With Workflow, you have it all in one place.

10.  Snapseed

For those users that like to experiment with their photos, Snapseed is a free photo editor that climbed to our list of top 10 apps for iPhone 10 because of its extraordinary features. It is super easy to import a photo, do certain adjustments by your preferences and export it! You can either use the Looks feature within the app that can instantly make some of your pictures better or ignore it and pass to the Tune Image. This section includes everything a photo editor needs – contrast, brightness, highlights, saturation, shadow and more!


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