What Inspired Steve Jobs to Create the iPhone?

You’ve probably heard of Alexander Graham Bell’s quote: “When one door closes, another opens”. Its accuracy applies to the success story of Steve Jobs as well. Although for him doors did not exactly close but driven by a negative feeling, he made the most positive step in his life – creating an iPhone.

With this invention, Steve Jobs did not only change his life, he introduced a device that spread all around the world and changed the whole concept of a cellphone. Now, let’s get to the story you came for – what exactly inspired Steve to create an iPhone?

The real inspiration came from a Microsoft executive that Steve couldn’t stand. There were several reasons behind that tension but the main one was the arrogance and loudmouth of the acquaintance. At the time, Microsoft was very enthusiastic about releasing new tablets with pens that will conquer the world and the mentioned executive used every chance he had to reproach it to Steve, which turned out to be a big mistake for Microsoft.

Steve Jobs Modified Microsoft’s Idea and Created the iPhone

Revolted by the stories of the rival company, Steve and his team started building a multitouch display that perhaps could compete with tablets. However, he did not stop there. Instead, he went beyond that idea and thought of creating a multitouch display that can fit a topic. He consulted the whole team and said: “put the tablet on hold, let’s build a phone”. Those were the keywords that lead to one of the most influential devices ever created.

Introducing an iPhone

Two years before introducing an iPhone, Apple released a new cell phone model, ROKR E1, in collaboration with Motorola. It was the first phone to use iTunes. However, Steve Jobs was not satisfied with this device. He felt like a partnership with a different phone company was not allowing Apple to design the type of phone they had in mind.

Steve Jobs iPhone

On January 9, 2007, the final product was almost ready. Steve announced the arrival of the spectacular device, set to release on June 29, 2007. Since everything went by the plan, that that finally came and Steve brought all eyes of the media to his presentation with an amazing, exciting campaign that announced something new, even revolutionary. Before stepping to the stage, he assembled all his team members and told them to memorize that moment very well, the moment before the iPhone because nothing will ever be the same again. He was right. Nothing was ever the same again!

How Was the First iPhone Like?

It was just as powerful for people then like iPhone X is for us now. In fact, even more, because all those new options and design, they have never seen before. The first iPhone had an LCD screen of 3.5 inches at 320×480 and 163ppi. He had some of the most popular features at the time, Bluetooth 2.0 EDR, quad-band 2G, 802.11b.g Wi-Fi, EDGE data radio and a 2-megapixel camera that people absolutely adored.


The device came in 2 versions in terms of storage – 4GB and 8GB, both with 128 onboard Ram. They had 1400 mAh batteries, and PowerVR MBX Lite 3D graphics chip and an ARM-based 1176JZ(F)-S processor.

What made it even more different from the cellphones used at that time was the great performance supported by several sensors, such as an accelerometer, proximity sensor, and ambient light sensor. It had the ability to charge and sync on iTunes by a 30-pin Dock connector, which many users found convenient, especially the ones that used iPod excessively.


Not everything was as easy for Steve Jobs as it may seem. Creating such a complex device at that time was risky in many aspects and he had to double check and think deeply about every decision he made.  It was a difficult journey followed by many tests he needed to pass in order to create a quality phone, proud predecessor to today’s iPhone X.

After thinking he had everything ready for the spectacle, Steve accidentally scratched the pre-release iPhone with the keys in his pockets. For him, it was a sign to find a better solution regarding the physical quality of the device. The team turned to Corning that showed a chemically hardened material of the highest quality. However, it still didn’t have any commercial application method. Eventually, they incorporated Gorilla Glass and made iPhone incredibly less fragile.


Shortly after the release, the sales of iPhone went up rapidly and enormously. Even much more than Steve Jobs expected himself. The original phone sold more than 6 million units during the first year in four countries, on four carriers. Everyone, including the inventor, knew that iPhone didn’t come to play, it came to stay and it did! Today, the numbers changed to hundreds of millions yearly sales in almost every country, on almost every carrier. Things have only been getting better for the company, although Steve, unfortunately, could not see it all himself.


Steve Jobs got inspired by a man that he didn’t like and he invented the product of his life. It would be useful if could all channel negative feelings and convert them into positive. Steve’s story is not the only one with this message. You probably heard of Jan Koum, a man whose job application was rejected by Facebook and Twitter so he ended up created WhatsApp with his savings. The company that rejected him as an employee, Facebook, bought WhatsApp from Jan for 22 billion dollars afterward.

Steve Jobs

It is always inspiring to read the stories of major inventors. They are always full of ups and downs. Today, we can only say thanks to the Microsoft executive that inspired Steve Jobs to create an iPhone. Although we all are, he is certainly not happy about it!

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