iPhone users tend to look forward to a next iPhone as soon as they get the latest model. You probably noticed that iPhone 9 was missing from the last year’s line-up of this company. In the name of their tenth birthday, Apple skipped iPhone 9 and released a symbolic iPhone X, standing for roman 10. This year, however, the number 9 might still get its place amongst iPhones!

This article summarizes everything we know about the iPhone 9 so far.

Release date

Apple has a tradition of announcements and releases of their devices. Let’s take a look at their previous order:

  • iPhone 5 – Announced: September 12 | Released: September 21
  • iPhone 5S – Announced: September 10 | Released: September 20
  • iPhone 6 – Announced: September 9 | Released: September 19
  • iPhone 6S – Announced: September 9 | Released: September 25
  • iPhone 7 – Announced: September 7 | Released: September 16
  • iPhone 8 – Announced: September 12 | Released: September 22
  • iPhone 10 – Announced: September 12 | Released: November 3

As you can see, only the latest model took a little longer to release and that is because of some last-minute changes. It is safe to assume we will get all the upcoming devices around the same time of the year.

To be more precise, Apple should reveal the iPhone 9 on either September 11 or September 12 and release it on September 21, 2018.

Of course, for now, we can only conclude based on the previous cases and Apple keeps its right to surprise us with a new phone before or after we had planned.

iPhone 9 or a new, unusual name?

Although logically, the new device should be called iPhone 9, nobody can confirm that for sure. As mentioned previously, iPhone 9 was omitted from the last year’s line-up. Because of that, it may not have a chance to get on the market this year either. For Apple, it may seem like releasing an iPhone 9 after iPhone 10 will be like going a step backward. Knowing them, they won’t permit that. Although this device is not replacing the iPhone 10 but iPhone 8 so its name should indeed be iPhone 9, this whole procedure seems more complicated than it used to be.

If you have been following Apple’s releases, you must have noticed that the company did not release an “S” version of the iPhone 7 nor iPhone 8, like they did with their previous series. For that reason, there is also a possibility that this device could be called iPhone 8S.

Next prediction says that Apple will simply exclude all the numbers of the series and do what they did with the iPad 3, which was just called “the new iPad” – simple as that!

iPhone 9

Here are all the potential names of the new iPhone we heard about so far:

  • iPhone 8S
  • iPhone 9
  • iPhone 2018
  • New iPhone

All things considered, there is a high chance that the name of this device is not going to be iPhone 9 at all. However, I will analyze it under this name until an official announcement that will either keep it or rename it.

What to expect from the iPhone 9

Amongst the most speculated features of the upcoming iPhone is the Super Retina Display that amazed users of the iPhone X. It is an OLED display of 5.8 inches and 2436 x 1125-pixel resolution that makes the user experience incredibly pleasant. Although it is not confirmed that Apple will continue using this display, the predictions and hopes for it are high!

Changes and improvements in the world of smartphones are rapid but also extremely difficult. That is because flagships now seem to be pretty good to the users. The manufacturers don’t know what else to introduce to their models in order to impress a larger audience. Apple invested a lot in the last year’s iPhone X and one of the key aspects of that model was its display, which is why we may find it on the new iPhone 9.

However, a report from September 2017 lowers my enthusiasm as it confirms Apple was interested in buying LCD displays from a Japanese company. Namely, 70% of Apple’s display orders for the new line-up will come from Japan Display. That makes us think that the OLED display will not be available on standard models like iPhone 9 but only premium devices.

Supposedly, there will be three screen sizes of the iPhones in 2018. One will be 5.8 inches, other 6.1 inches and last will come in a large size of 6.5 inches.



Another possible similarity to the iPhone X is the all-screen front that iPhone 9 (and perhaps all the 2018 models) will feature. That design includes the small notch at the top of the display, reserved for the camera components and sensors.

Face ID

If for some reason you didn’t buy the iPhone X and you are planning to buy the new iPhone this year, you are surely looking forward to the Face ID. In case iPhone 9 features the Super Retina Display, it will automatically lose the Touch ID sensor. That almost certainly means the Face ID will replace it. Users accepted Face ID very well and Apple likes it; that is why they will probably add the facial recognition system to all the new iPhones.

Apple A12 chip

Rumors have it that A12 chip will replace the A11 bionic chip featured on the iPhone X. Apple has been preparing for this improvement for some time now and it is going to provide a terrific experience to the users of the new iPhones. The performance and battery life are the key components of the new chip; we expect them to be better than anything we have seen on a smartphone before.

A quick reminder: the currently used A11 bionic chip has two cores of high performance that outdo the Apple A10 Fusion by 25% of speed! The A11’s four cores of high efficiency are 70% faster than A10’s power-sipping cores.

Imagine what Apple A12 will bring!

Battery Life

Most iPhone researchers and fans have been trying to find out something new about the iPhone 9’s battery life. Unfortunately, it was pretty useless. There isn’t any accurate information that gives us a closer insight into the efficiency and quality of the new battery.

We cannot expect it to get any worse than it is on the currently-available models, of course. In fact, battery life should be a very important area that Apple should focus on this time. If they want to outperform their rivals, the best way to do it is by focusing on the battery life. It is the weakest spot of most smartphones today and gives them a chance to win more customers. The Apple A12 chip itself should make the battery life last longer than today’s average. We are yet to see if there will be other notable upgrades in this field.

Wireless Charging

Another feature that iPhone 9 might have and will amaze the users is the long-range wireless charging. The rumors about this element come from a patent that suggests the utilization of frequencies designated for data comms. They could transfer the power to the iPhone through the air.

If Apple actually worked on this patent and made it true, users would be able to do one thing they never could do before – charge the iPhone without being stuck to the electrical outlet. The idea is to have chargers that look similar to routers and charge devices around them wirelessly. You could use them at home, office, restaurant or even your car!

Since we only heard about the patent so far, it is not certain whether Apple will actually make this big step this year.

iPhone 9


Taking into consideration that iPhone 9 is replacing iPhone 8, not X, the price could vary between $699-799.

However, if this device joins the premium series and grows closer to the iPhone X, the price could be between $899 and $1,099.


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