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It’s been several months since its release and the dust around the iPhone 10 (or iPhone X, as you prefer) has still not settled! In fact, it doesn’t seem like it will anytime soon. It is not surprising as Apple aimed to present something new and different. Something that people will talk about for longer than two weeks. A device that will make old iPhone users want to change their phones immediately and make the new users understand why Apple products are such a big deal. Well, they made it!

With iPhone X, it feels like there is always more to say and explain. The features – old, implemented and new as well as stories behind them drew our attention once again. We made a list of “must know” and interesting facts you need to know about the iPhone 10.

Must-Know Facts

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iPhone 10 comes in 2 colors – Silver and Space Grey.

Although we heard many speculations about the “Blush Gold” version before its release, iPhone X comes only in Silver and Space Grey colors.

There is no home button on iPhone X.

Side button has a few more responsibilities now that the home button is gone. The other features of the old home button, however, are moved to other places. Old iPhone users will have to take some time to learn how to operate their devices now.

You can read about the new features and guidelines here.

The iPhone 10 is implemented with fast charging capabilities that only Android devices had before. It charges 50% within 30 minutes.

There is one additional fact regarding this matter, though. The phone itself will not charge as fast. You need two accessories – USB-C to Lightning cable and a 229-wattpower adapter.

iOS 11 supports HEVC (high-efficiency video compression) and HEIF (high-efficiency image format) formats.

Keeping the same quality of the picture and/or video, these formats make storing easier by occupying significantly less space.

iPhone X is synced with a new satellite system named Galileo.

iPhone 10 has a better and more accurate positioning as the new system combines Galileo, GPS and GLONASS signals. It enables users to have a stable, better navigation and improved signal availability.

iPhone 10 can be changed wirelessly after Apple introduced Qi ecosystem, which suits the majority of wireless charging docks.

Multiple US terminals have been implemented with Qi charging stations as well as a range of other public places.

A11 Bionic processor of this device gave it an additional 35% (!) of speed.

Accorting to variety of tests, A11 does not only have an incomparable better performance than A10 but is even better than the iPad Pro’s A10X Fusion.

Face ID is the newest detection system on iPhone X. For Apple, fingerprint scans are already outdated.

Face ID is now responsible for all the actions Touch ID was in charge before.

The screen of iPhone X brightens at 625 nits.

The darker tones of the screen show a subtle color and more detail, edges appear sharper and contrast less drastic.

With the dual-lens cameras of 12-megapixel, the photos from iPhone X look incredibly realistic.

Apple especially focused on upgrading the cameras and their features on the iPhone 10. You can read in details everything about this “studio quality” camera here.

Emoji lovers have a chance to convert their facial expressions into animated emojis on the iPhone X.

Face ID detects your facial expression and converts it into a new animoji (from animated and emoji). The recording can last up to 10 seconds and the feature is inclusive to iOS 11. However, the good news is that all the iOS and Android users can see it but not use it.

iPhone X does not fit any case of the other iPhone models.

Do not worry, that does not mean that your phone will stay unprotected. Apple and third-party manufacturers designed phone cases inclusively for this device. You can also find many quality cases online. Check our list of the top 5 best iPhone X cases you can buy on Amazon.

Face ID lowers the volume, shows notifications and “acts friendly” when detecting your face.

In contrary, if your face is not on sight, it will hide the content of your notifications and ring loud so you can hear it.


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  1. Allegedly, the creator of iPhone X’s screen is Samsung! It is a 1125×2436 OLED “Super Retina Display”.
  2. Double-check option of the iPhone 10 ensures whether or not you’re using the phone and acts accordingly. In case the system detects you’re still using the device, the phone will be silent in terms of alert sounds. If you are inactive, it will shut it down.
  3. Two cameras of 12 MP with telephoto and wide-angle systems provide the digital zoom and optical zoom of 6x for videos and 10x for photos.
  4. Apple planned to release the iPhone 10 in September 2018.
  5. The cameras on the back are placed horizontally so they don’t disturb the TrueDepth system and sensors on the front side of the iPhone 10.
  6. iPhone X has the Tap to Wake feature that allows you to only tap the screen and see the time or lean it forward and unlock the handset with Face ID, without picking it up.
  7. The device identifies you automatically to log into apps and sites through Face ID.
  8. iPhone X has its new, own ringtone called Reflection.

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If you don’t own this phone yet but you really want it, hopefully, the facts from this article could help you decide whether or not you want to explore this device in your own hands. We are sure it is very tempting!

Of course, the information about the iPhone X do not only get this far. In order to answer to EVERY question you might have and give you the best information about this phone, we made many more articles you can read and get an even clearer image of this powerful device.

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