How to Take a Fantastic iPhone X Selfie?


You probably know that iPhone 10 is all about photography and the fact you clicked this headline means that you are too! The fact that the only complaints iPhone X received regarding the camera after its release was that it was “too good” says enough about its quality. People felt intimidated by seeing themselves that clearly! You could have the best phone out there (which certainly iPhone 10 is currently) and still not have the best pictures. Why? – Because you need to apply certain techniques. You’ve come to the right place to learn those techniques! Take your first iPhone X selfie after reading this article and you will notice the difference.

Follow these instructions and you will never have simple, cheap looking photos on your Instagram again.

Use the Portrait Mode

If you are given a diamond, a feature that no other phone has, why wouldn’t you use it? Portrait Mode is created especially for people who enjoy details and stylish photos. You can find it by clicking your Camera and then swiping to the Portrait Mode. As the name implies, this feature focuses on the face of the person in the picture. You have several additional effects that sharpen your face and change the background so that the full focus can be on the object – you. The lightning studio effects also contribute to the high quality of the photo. After taking a selfie, you can also click Edit and go through another photoshopping session with many great tools that iPhone X provides to you.

Adjust the exposure

The way your photo turns out, in the end, depends heavily on the exposure. When taking a selfie, make sure to adjust it properly instead of waiting to edit the picture later. It looks more natural if you do it before and snap the picture with the perfect exposure. You can do it instantly by tapping and holding your screen and then slide up or down the exposure bar.

Use the self-timer

Have you seen many selfies on social media with people’s arm or arms fully visible? You can see exactly the pose they were making while taking that selfie. Their arm is surely not necessary in the photo and you shouldn’t let it stay in yours! Yes, taking photos and thinking of how to hide your arm is frustrating but there is a solution for it! The timer is not only meant for group photos where you place the phone far away and run to get in the frame. You can also use it for your selfies. On the iPhone X, you can choose from three to ten seconds and that’s just enough time to make a perfect pose. It also serves if you have your own selfie stick. Having a few seconds to find the right angle is more than beneficial. Don’t forget to use them!


auto enhance

If you did not adjust the exposure previously or at least properly, iPhone X has your back. Once you take a selfie, go to Edit then Auto-enhance and the picture will fix itself to the maximum. It changes the exposure, brightness, shadows and anything else that could make it look better. In case you don’t like the result and you prefer to edit your photo manually, just undo the changes.

Live Selfie>Boomerang

live selfie

Why taking a Boomerang short clip when you can take a Live Selfie that offers more editing choices? Apple ensured to include all the trending effects so now you can enable Live Photos on your iPhone X. Once you are inside the Camera App, tap the yellow circle at the top and start! From the Photos App, you can edit this short clip or apply cool effects such as bouncing or looping.

Snap the iPhone X selfie with the volume button

volume button

The “extended arms” effect will certainly appear if you continue taking selfies by taping the virtual button on your screen. Not only it is placed in the middle of the screen but you have to hit the exact circle to snap a photo. To avoid looking for that spot and complicating this whole procedure, use the volume button! It is much easier to hold your iPhone X on the side and press the volume button with either your thumb or index finger. That way, you can focus on the purpose of the photo – yourself instead of looking down for the button to press.

Use Portrait Lightning and Retina Flash

You can enable Portrait Lightning live and pose until finding the perfect angle for your selfie. However, you can also edit the taken photo afterward. Considering that the Portrait mode is already on, find the photo you took without the Portrait Lightning in your Photos and tap Edit. By tapping the cube that will appear on your screen, you will summon the lightning effects. Swipe this cube until finding the lightning effect you like the most.

With Retina Flash, all you need to do is press Flash and then select On within your Camera app. The light will appear automatically and brighten up your iPhone X selfie, making the details about your face more visible and clear.

Try out the Stage Light

stage light

If you prefer adding drama into your iPhone X selfie, Stage Light is ideal for you! Regardless of your background, this effect will isolate you in the photo and make it look like you’re in a photo studio with a professional background! TrueDepth system made this possible for iPhone X users and that brings a whole lot of benefits.  Choose between Stage Light and Stage Light Mono and decide which one suits your selfie the best. For example, your room could be very messy or your surroundings are just not something you would like to show off and you will still be able to take a selfie without having to look for one decent corner and keep posing in front of the same background.

Learn everything about the iPhone X Camera and find more tips on taking perfect iPhone X photos here.

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