Can you Play Fortnite on iPhone X?

The popularity of an online game Fortnite has been growing overnight and reaches some incredible highs! Just now we could compare it to League of Legends that also gained popularity fast. The reason behind frequent mentions of this game lately was its public exposure by celebrities. We will talk about that later but for now, let’s go to the main question – will we be able to play Fortnite on iPhone X soon?

According to several testers, you can actually play Fortnite on the iPhone X already. It is not as good as it is on your computer yet but it’s enough for you to try it out. The testers reported that the game takes around 2GB, which is normal for this type of a game. It has many cartoon-like graphics and they help Fortnite adapt to smaller screens and run well on a mobile.

Fortnite on iPhone X

What you should know is that although Fortnite might run quite decently on the iPhone X, it is not as easy to play on other Apple devices. One of them is iPad Pro that is not up to the iPhone 10’s level in terms of graphics and the whole system. iPhone X is one of the most powerful existing devices so if you are testing a game like this, you shouldn’t overestimate your other, older gadgets. However, you know your phone better than anyone! If you think it is strong enough, try it out! The only condition is that your mobile runs IOS 11. Here is the list of iOS devices compatible with Fortnite:

  • iPhone SE
  • iPhone 7 / 7 Plus
  • iPhone 8 / 8 Plus
  • iPhone X
  • iPad Mini 4
  • iPad Air 2
  • iPad 2017
  • iPad Pro

As for how the game feels on the iPhone X, well, not perfect. The first factor that is not the same on the iPhone X Fortnite is the control methodology. Especially if you played it on PC. PS4 or Xbox One previously. If you continue playing it on your mobile, though, you will get used to it. The mobile version also seems to be very similar to console and PC versions so it shouldn’t take you too long.

What is Fortnite?

Fortnite Battle Royale is an ultra-popular online multiplayer game. It comes from Epic Games Company and it is a survival shooting genre that attracts many competitive players. The concept of the game is based on 100 players fighting to remain the last person standing in rounds that last a little less than thirty minutes. It is a free game you can play it on PC, Xbox One, PS4, and iOS devices mentioned above. In the game, there is only one mode and map, which seem to be more than enough for so many players! The latest report from February 2018 counted 3.4 million concurrent players. Considering this was before the famous celebrity take-over, the number surely increased rapidly since then!


What players don’t like about Fortnite is that the PC version is not available on Steam, the most famous online game shop. You have to download the game straight from Epic Games and not everyone likes that.

Celebrities take-over

Namely, the day that blew Fortnite up the stars was when famous NFL rookie turned gamer JuJu Smith-Schuster, rappers Drake and Travis Scott along with a popular streamer Tyler “Ninja” Blevins played the game on his stream and went viral! It counted 628,000 concurrent viewers which broke the record of 388,000 viewers for double its number! The whole situation happened spontaneously when the celebrities joined the streamer and caused huge reactions. Drake, afterward, shared the link of the stream on his Twitter and the number jumped even more!

The atmosphere between them was as fun as competitive and the whole group talked about random things that had the audience laughing and watching with their full attention. One of those moments was when they held a conversation about the game development and what Epic Games should improve or keep. All in all, this night stayed remembered and Fortnite gained incredible popularity since then. That is one of the reasons why we want it all-adjusted to iPhone X, without any bugs!

Fortnite on iPhone X looks a lot like Fortnite on PC

Game geeks know that almost every PC/console game they tried on their phones was a total failure. Not only because it gets incredibly slow but because the graphics are incomparable. Apparently, this is not the case with Fortnite. I am not really sure why, whether it’s the quality of iPhone X, the quality of Fortnite or both? Well, the case is that Fortnite on iPhone X looks very similar to the PC version. From the moment you start the game, you will notice that it’s almost the same as playing on your PC. The visuals and menus are similar and the map is the same. In case you don’t play Fortnite every day and you forget how every single detail on it looks, you will barely notice the differences.

iOS vs PC
iOS vs. PC

When it comes to cross-play, mobile Fortnite is also very good because it enables the gamers to join into Xbox, PS4 and PC sessions. If Epic Games allowed matchmaking of this kind then they surely trusted the quality of Fortnite on iPhone X. Some of the testers joined the same session from the iPhone X and a console and reviewed the experiences. Seemingly the results were great!

There are differences, of course.

Field of View

iPhone 10 has a wide display and a wider FOV so you can see more of the playfield on it.


In comparison with PC, the lightning on the iPhone X is notably reduced and the shadow map draw distance is massively pulled in. The dynamic shadows of Fortnite on Xbox run at 30Hz. On the iPhone 10, they seem to update after five seconds approximately. The Foliage on iPhone X Fortnite is replicated but isn’t animated and doesn’t have a specular element.

When moving outside the storm wall, the absence of grass animation is very visible and with the reduced wind and lightning effects, the feeling on the mobile seems much less dramatic.


Overall, Fortnite on iPhone X offers a decent experience. Not the best but good enough for you to play a few sessions. In the future, however, this could also be improved. Apple showed a lot of interest in games recently and that makes us think of the improvements the company will bring in this area.

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