Everything We Know About iPhone X Plus So Far

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iPhone X already broke so many records and leaves us wondering what else is there for Apple to do and make it better. Of course, there are always users who will want something new or changed, one cannot ever please everyone. There are several points that all the customers agree on, such as that the next device should come in a variety of colors and sizes, in contrary to the iPhone X. The iPhone X Plus is estimated to arrive by the autumn 2018 and seems to be promising a lot!

Following are the speculations about the iPhone X Plus.

Screen upgrades

The major difference Apple is supposedly going to make between iPhone X and iPhone X Plus is the screen size. The 5.8 inches display will get replaced by a new screen of 6.5 inches! It seems like some sort of smartphone/tablet hybrid. In fact, X hasn’t really received great comments regarding their screen because apparently, even though iPhone 7 Plus and 8 Plus are technically smaller (5.5 inches) videos on these devices appear larger due to the screen width.

The resolution is probably going to change as well, according to several sources. From 1125 x 2436 on the iPhone X, it will increase to 1242 x 2688 on the iPhone X Plus. The OLED tech will be used again and 500 pixels per inch will add additional details and make the screen incredibly pleasant to watch.

iPhone X will most likely have an LG OLED screen

One of the rumors has it that LG will be making the OLED screen for iPhone X Plus. This conclusion came after leaked images of the iPhone X Plus came from the LG production plant located in Vietnam. It is also speculated that Apple invested $1 billion in the factories that will be producing LG OLED screen. We cannot tell certainly what stands behind this story just yet. Maybe Apple does not want to depend on Samsung, its biggest rival, in terms of screens and LG seemed like a good replacement. We shall find out soon!

Apple has been testing iPhone X Plus for a while already

Tech nerds and Apple lovers look into every detail of the iPhone X Plus leaked images. One thing they noticed is the code number on the screen that marks 46. The component indicates that the device was produced in the week 46. of 2017, that is, late November.

iPhone X was released on November 3 and its successor was already out in its first version by then. We imagine that Apple compared and implemented the upcoming device by looking at the pros and cons of the iPhone X as well.

Dual-SIM tech

Dual-SIM tech has been introduced long time ago but not to iPhone users. Apple wants to change that now. Yes, it took them a bit longer than we thought but they seem to be focusing on changing all the aspects of their devices for the better and work more on improvement than the introduction of new features. This time, it is an introduction but of an old feature they didn’t have a chance to bring into life. However, one important difference is that Apple wants to have their own E-SIMs instead of the standard physical SIM cards that we know. With E-SIMs, iPhone X Plus users will not need to own two devices for personal and professional purposes. Instead, they will have the ability to switch between networks easily.

The notch might not be as small or non-existent as rumored

We are not certain which rumor regarding the notch is accurate but there are many circulating around. While we heard many comments of the notch decreasing in size, some leaks claim that it will stay the same, if not larger than the iPhone X notch.

A new color is coming!

Apple surprised the world by releasing only Silver and Space Gray iPhone X models. With the new phone, they plan to surprise them again but this time pleasantly! Namely, iPhone X Plus will also come in Gold color. It is a very popular color amongst iPhone users so we are sure that it will influence the sales positively.

A12 chip

If A11 chip of the iPhone X was presented as a miracle that will offer an unforgettable experience in all the fields of the device, imagine what A12 will do! The phone might look similar to the X but this processor will make it EVEN (because X is already a Speedy Gonzales amongst smartphones) faster to use.

Sturdy design

The stainless steel edges from the iPhone X will remain the same. When Apple decides to keep a certain feature, it means that it proved to be a good choice. There will also exist a cheaper LCD version that will use aluminum.

Apple will release 3 new devices in 2018

For those that like to explore, analyze and compare, iPhone has prepared three new devices! One of them is, of course, iPhone X Plus. The expectations of this model are the highest of them due to a global media explosion that iPhone X has caused. Another model will arrive in the well-known 5.8 inches dimension. It will be the upgraded version of the current iPhone X. Finally, the LCD version mentioned above will arrive in 6.1 inches size and it will cost the least out of the new devices.

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Prices are going to increase

If you thought that “it’s too expensive” comments will end after iPhone X, you are very wrong. In contrary, get ready for even more of those comments! According to the Apple CEO Tim Cook, iPhone X Plus will hit the market with the entry price of $1400.

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