Bad Side of the iPhone X

You’ve probably heard so much about the iPhone X already. How great its camera is, Portrait Lightning, wireless charging, speed, performance; now you are wondering if everything is just THAT great? We are here to answer that question. By analyzing customer reviews, forums, personal experiences and everything we know about the iPhone 10 so far, we made a list for you.

Let’s take a look at the bad side of the iPhone X!

It is very expensive

New iPhone is always expensive and we are used to it but the X went a little overboard with the price. It ranges from $999.00 to $1,149.00 and that’s a lot more than a person with average income can afford. Therefore, buying the iPhone X currently is considered a luxury. Yes, it truly is an amazing device but many iPhone lovers will have to wait for a very long time until being able to buy one. We also know that iPhone prices are not going down so easily nor so quickly. That’s an additional difficulty for those that cannot wait to use the X and are not willing to spend a ridiculous amount of money on it now.


iPhone X price

It comes only in two colors

Apple’s decision to release the iPhone X in Silver and Space Grey colors only has been largely discussed. Everyone likes to be authentic and having only two options to choose from does not really help in this case. Gold and Rose Gold are missing from the standard iPhone color scheme and some people feel especially bad about that! The good news is that Apple is probably going to change this in the future. The upcoming iPhone X Plus is rumored to come in several colors.

The notch gets in the way in full-screen mode

Although the design looks very cool and unusual, the notch has received many complaints. That is because it extends from the top but only in the middle of the screen, leaving two empty spaces on the sides. These spaces show specific icons but when watching videos in full-screen mode, the notch is in the way!

No Touch ID

Long-term iPhone users were already used to the Touch ID and now they have to get used to the Face ID all over again. That necessity left many customers frustrated. It is surprising that Apple didn’t leave Touch ID even after introducing the face detection system. Being able to choose whether you want to unlock your iPhone with your face or your finger sounds much better than being forced to use a specific method, correct?

Taking screenshots accidentally

By pressing the power and volume up button, you will take a screenshot on the iPhone X. However, iPhone users are not used to this combination the way Android users are. They constantly complain about the accidental screenshots they take daily, which ends up filling their memory unnecessarily.


Insurance Plan and AppleCare are now more expensive

The price of AppleCare and Insurance on the iPhone 7 and 8 was $129 whereas on the iPhone X is $199! Seems like, for Apple, the already too expensive price of the device wasn’t enough. They decided to increase the costs of these essential programs as well. Feels like this phone is made only for celebrities and very rich people that can afford these payments and memberships that altogether cost a whole fortune.

No headphone jack

This feature or, more precisely, the absence of the feature has been criticized by the customers and the media already when Apple shocked everyone with the iPhone 7 back on September 16, 2016. It was the first time they excluded the headphone jack from the iPhone. However, everyone was hoping that with so many negative comments, Apple will actually consider bringing the famous jack back. As we can see, they didn’t do it and most likely won’t do it anytime soon and that turned out to be very disappointing, adding up to the bad side of the iPhone X.

The short range of wireless charging

When we say “wireless changing” we imagine the same wireless connection as Wi-Fi. Apple announced this feature as something extraordinary, real evolution! It may be but not just yet. It will occur when people can actually start charging their phones while being away. At least further than 15 feet, which is the maximum distance the current wireless chargers support. That range is not enough for anyone living in a property with more than 2 rooms.

Battery percentage is not visible all the time

One disadvantage of the iPhone X is the inability to see the battery percentage from the home screen, without touching anything. You can see the bar but not the exact percentage. To actually check how much battery you have left, you need to swipe down and see the mini menu with several basic options/notifications.

Full glass display

Taking care of your new phone as if it was a baby just got much worse! The full glass display makes the iPhone X look very fragile. According to several polls, a quarter of the existing iPhones have cracked screens. This result comes from the previous models whose displays are not made fully of glass. Imagine what will happen with the iPhone X screens in the future.

The screen is not as bright as expected

Apple promised that iPhone X will have the brightest screen out of all their devices. Indeed, they stayed true to their words. iPhone 10 is the brightest iPhone ever but they forgot that other players are in the game as well. Whilst the screen of this phone maxes at 625 nits, their biggest rival, Samsung, has Galaxy Note 7 with 1,000 nits and Galaxy S8 with 1,240 nits on the market at the same time. It makes the battle between these two giants even more exciting!

the iphone x

The cons from this article contain just everything you could consider a disadvantage of the iPhone X. This is as far as it gets. The good side of this device is what attracts so many customers and has them crazy over it.

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