Are you an iPhone or Android Person?

iPhone or Android

Ever since smartphones hit the market and reached out to a larger audience, one very debatable topic has been and is still trending – iPhone or Android? The users of one group always praise their phones and criticize the other group and vice versa. It is an endless circle but the fact is that both of these have their pros and cons that you should consider before buying one.

I made a comparison that will help you answer the main question of this post. If you are a first-time smartphone user (which is probably not the case), you will have a glance at both subjects. In case you are already using an iPhone or Android phone and you are considering whether to change it or not, I highly hope you will make the right decision after reading this article!

Simplicity of Use

The ease to use both of these devices really depends on how easy or complicated you want your phone to be. iPhone users always point out that one of the key components of their devices is the clearness and simplicity of use. However, Android is not far behind or behind at all!

Android phones, especially the newest, enable you to change just everything you want. If you want a bunch of apps and features, you can have it. On the other hand, if you want a simple phone, you can change the mode of your system and get the simplest existing smartphone with limited features, incredibly easy to use!

The advantage in this category needs to go to Android, especially because iPhone is kind of complicated to catch up with if you’ve been an Android user before. It syncs only with iOS, doesn’t support external memory cards, cannot connect to computers through USB, etc. Of course, there are different ways to do all of those actions but we are talking about simplicity and Android has it in this case.

User Experience

In comparison to Android, iPhone seems like a strict father that only wants the best for his kids and doesn’t let them play too much at their own risk. Apple offers amazing opportunities and apps to their users but once you want to show your own identity rather than being a part of the group, you can only do so much. The whole system cannot really be customized and you can’t change everything according to your own preferences on the iPhone. You can’t change the default apps either and the farthest you can go in customizing is changing your home screen picture. That, of course, has its own purpose. Apple likes to keep its elegance and their aim is to maintain the same classy and original image from the very beginning.

Android, however, is all about customization! If you like flexibility and freedom to express yourself as an individual, you should probably get an Android phone. The latest Samsung models even have their own theme/icon/background store. You can pick the elements that suit your needs and style the most and apply them to your system. This feature was available on Android phones before too but not as officially as it is now. You needed to download apps that would change your theme and that would always slow down your phone and impact its performance negatively. That has changed now!


Nowadays most smartphones look similar but also irresistible and Android, despite a great competition, has some beautiful-looking phones on the market currently, such as Samsung S7, S8 and the Google Pixel. However, if we are analyzing Android as a whole, we cannot only base the review on the good examples. The fact is that iPhone models always look very attractive and iPhone X is just another proof. Apple never releases “cheap” phones so the new models are always breathtaking.

iPhone X Samsung S9

On the other hand, prices of Android can be very low and even some almost unrecognizable brands produce their devices with this operating system. You can buy a new phone for a fair amount of $100 and those are not really looking luxurious at all. Cases like those reduce the authority of Android generally and give iPhone a big advantage in terms of design.

Closed and Open Systems

As mentioned above, Apple likes to keep everything under its control. It will not allow any aspect of its operation to be related to other smartphones, including Android. If you want to buy anything from the Apple Store, you can do it. However, if you want to buy anything else that isn’t related to Apple, such as Amazon Kindle e-book or you want to watch a movie with Play Movies, you cannot do it. There are clear boundaries for iPhone users and you need to stay committed only to iOS.

Android is not as closed. You can stick strictly to official Android programs if you wish but in case you want to explore, you are free to do it. There are some apps you can’t find in the Play Store so you can use different sources to get them. If you are certain they won’t damage your phone, download them at your own risk.

Virtual Assistants

Apple did a good job at giving Siri a unique name because it became the symbol of a virtual assistant. It answers your basic questions and you can even have some fun with it. As the entire system keeps upgrading, so does Siri. Its knowledge and capability from the first to the latest models are incomparable.

Virtual Assistants

Google Assistant also receives amazing reviews as the Android grows and expands. It is yet another aspect that is as huge as it is because of the Android-Google combination. If Google itself is the biggest search engine in the world, it is obvious that Google Assistant is super powerful and has amazing features. It has subcategories that contribute to its title of assistant properly, such as Google Maps and Calendar that will help you out on a daily basis.


Apple works hard on making all their users feel like a big family. They ensure all their phones get the latest patch or update at the same time and enjoy the new experience together.

Android is not really good in this area. Getting an update is equal to a miracle, especially getting it immediately after its release. Google is responsible for supplying some programs and the base operating system. The phone manufacturers decide when and how to deliver the patches and updates. That part of the process can get very long.

One study claims that a large number of Android devices doesn’t have an updated version of the system and even three-quarters of these devices are currently running an outdated security.


If security is the decisive factor of whether to buy an iPhone or Android, there is no doubt that iPhone is far safer. Not only Apple is very strict in this category but the apps on its store are well-scanned, making sure there is no sign of a malware.

Android, however, is not so strict. Google does check the submitted apps but apparently, less than Apple does. If you stick only to the Google Play Store and never try to download anything from a third-party source, you are quite safe. Although, a Google report indicates that 0.16% of the total apps number from their store is infected by a certain malware.

It does not mean that you should just go and download anything you like with your iPhone. There is always that one group of hackers trying to target something that nobody targeted before. You certainly don’t want to be their victim.


If you like to transfer files from one device to another and you are not fully equipped with Apple gadgets, Android is more suitable for you. It uses the USB ports available on most devices that you can easily connect to your phone.

If you are using an iPhone, you need a Lightning port that is inclusively meant for Apple products.

Battery Life and Charging

Whether you choose an iPhone or Android phone, you will have certain difficulties with the battery life. Not because either of these OS is worse than the other but because smartphones generally need to charge quite often.

Both of these systems support fast charging. The latest models from both groups support wireless charging and are generally going towards a better future of the battery life and charging.

Cloud integration

Initial iCloud setup and the backup has been a little problematic for iPhone users. It is supposed to be simple but not everyone knows how to run it across different devices. It is good in terms of accessing the files from your previous devices and using the iCloud Photo Library.

Android is integrated with Google’s services and applications. By only entering your old email into the Google Store, you regain the access to programs you used before. It is slightly easier to access initially and it also includes a basic photo editor.

Video conferencing

Google keeps switching from one to another video conferencing app and it still doesn’t have one universal program for all of its users. It was supposed to be Hangouts but we are all witnessing that people are generally not really into it.

iPhone already has a well-established app that users accepted and are using it largely. It is FaceTime. The quality of the sound, video and just everything about it is fantastic. Between all the social networks and programs like WhatsApp and Viber, iPhone simply has their own app for all of these activities.


Latest versions of the Samsung and other Android phones really proved a great photo quality. Manufacturers incorporated various features that make photography joyful for the photographer and the viewers. Nevertheless, Android varies from extraordinary, futuristic cameras to low-quality cameras that reduce their score once again. While you can get decent pictures on the Samsung S8, other phones like The Galaxy Nexus received very bad reviews.


iPhone camera keeps getting better and better. With the iPhone 10, Apple introduced a camera that equals an entire photo studio. It has features that no other phones had before and the model itself became recognized mostly by the quality of their photos. They look fresh, natural and just… realistic.

Of course, the same way we could not base our opinion only on one Android model, we cannot do it on the iPhone X either. Still, Apple is not losing any points with their other cameras. They have always been the best in the time of their reign and Android could not really get too close until now.

Software choice

With such big rivals like they are to one another, iPhone and Android both work hard to give their users everything they need in order to keep them. We can’t say that neither of the stores is less valuable than the other because they are very rich in content for just everyone. Google Play Store has over 2.8 million apps while Apple App Store has over 2.2 million. You surely won’t ever even scroll through half of these numbers, let alone try them all!

Every bigger app, apart from the ones that are proprietary, launches for iOS and Android nowadays. As mentioned previously, Apple has highest security measures so you might be able to get fewer apps but you surely won’t be facing any virus issues that come from unknown sources.

These OS are quite equal in this category.

iPhone or Android?

All in all, you won’t make a mistake whether you choose to buy an iPhone or Android. All the largely-available devices worked their way to the reputation they have now and they will do everything to maintain it. If you go for elegance, originality, luxury, and innovation, you are surely an iPhone person. Now, if you are more about exploring, taking risks and expressing yourself in different ways, you should try some of the Android phones.

Switching from one OS to another is very easy so even if you haven’t made a final decision yet, try any of these options and see how it works!


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